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November 23rd, 2006

11:27 am

U.U i am looking for a ddr partner ..... does anyone live in montreal ?...
its always fun to dance with someone..i guess i also want to improve so i need to do harder song and if i might die at lease i can keep on going

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July 28th, 2006

07:17 pm - Supernova
Hey, not sure if this community is still alive, but anyways, has anyone played the new DDR game, 'Dancing Stage Supernova'?

It's currently available to play @ Orbit. Personally my very limited first impressions is that the new graphics make this an absolute joy to play, a lot of new tracks and I'm hoping to get a friend to come out with me to test out the new battle mode. Check it out, for the homebound a console version will be available later in the year. Anyways, check it out, I doubt you'll be disappointed.

NOTE: This machine replaces the original DDR Extreme Machine they had

EDIT: The game is called Dancing Stage Supernova (Europe), not DDR Supernova (US), I don't think there's any difference though

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February 12th, 2005

10:31 pm
Hello from the Top End! Yes, I know it's a Perth community, but I don't know too many LJ-ers up here who are into DDR, so don't have much community here to hang out with. Hope you guys don't mind me crashing in like this. :)

I have a question for you guys, though, does anyone know where I could get a proper metal dance pad for my PS2? I can't find one in Darwin and am not too familiar with retailers interstate, so if you have any info I'd be really grateful.

Thanks a bunch!

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November 19th, 2004

03:53 pm
i want to get a new DDR game because i'm tired of the ones i have. i have ddr max 2 and ddr konamix. what's your favorite one? pleaseeee comment and tell me because i dont want to get a bad one. tell me how long you liked it for until you got bored of it if you can! thanks so much

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August 12th, 2004

09:44 pm - something funny happend on the weekend ...
[didnt find this site till i went wandering ..]

anyways something funny happend to me on the weekend(last weekend)

i had a fight with a DDR machine (leisure Land Carosel) and lost ...

well kinda ...
it was a hard battle .. it threw "Love shine" at me first but i stepped through
that easily. After that it gave me "Cartoon Heros" that was strangly a little
difficult, more then it should've been but i was still able to pass through
with ease. The machine then slowed it tempo down with "White Lovers" probably
to put me off guard for the last song .. "Orion .78 AMeuro-MIX" .. that was the
killer .. after i got off i collapsed ... litteraly...

there was this whole thing and i was taken into hospital and everything. the person i was with commented that i might be the first person to be admitted into hospital due to collapsing after playing DDR ..
doctors said reason for the collapse was not enough fluids and strenuous exercise..

that would be the second time that a ddr machine has gotten the better of me ..

anyways going to get that machine this weekend ..
thats my story ..

- joseph
Current Mood: amusedamused

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July 3rd, 2004

07:19 pm
They have a 4th Mix at orbit at the moment. Tried it for the first time today.
Was actually quite fun!

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March 29th, 2004

06:00 pm - lookee

Came across this on one of my friend's journals - thought I'd share it since it's pretty... hypnotising.

Who ended up going to the Powerclub day on Sunday, and how was it?

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March 21st, 2004

06:40 pm - Powerclub event
I just wanted to remind everyone that the timezone powerclub event will be held soon on the 28th of March. I trust you all know about the powerclub event. Prices are as follows:

Powerclub Blue: 3 free games and 65c games all day
Powerclub Gold: 10 free games and 50c games all day
No Powerclub: You can still play but no special discounts

So far I know that my sister and I are going to Perth Timezone. If you are 51% or more sure that you will be going to Perth Timezone for the powerclub aswell could you please post a comment? I just want to know who is coming.


I forgot to mention, we'll be there at 2pm.
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March 3rd, 2004

08:08 pm - Happy.
I passed my first 10 foot song today - bag! Whoo! I'd passed quite a few 9 footers in the past week and I found bag pretty easy on Standard when Stefan had said ooh it's hard on Standard - so I just said what the hell, lets see how I do on Heavy... and passed! Also passed first couple of Heavy songs on Double, really enjoying double alot too. Just wanted to share!

I still feel I am sooo far away from ever passing So Deep though. Maybe in 6 months! But I love feeling this fit, it's fabulous! And I get to play at the CROWN CASINO in Melbourne in 3 weeks, on the big big screen DDR machine, WHEEE!
Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Covenant - Theremin [Club Version]

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February 5th, 2004

04:14 pm - super mega power card!!!
Ok, yesterday I found an old Time Zone powerclub from when there was a Time Zone in Rockin'am. It's made of plastic so I wanted to use that instead of one of those papery - cardboardy ones that bend and brake so easily. I called Freo timezone and they said I could use it as a powerclubs credits are the only thing that expires.

But I take another look at the card and then I realease that it's actually a powercard not a powerclub. Does that mean that it hasn't had $30 put on it yet? I was gonna put $30 on it anyways but still I like the plasticness. So my question is: This card is one of the ones that you get for free isn't it? It hasn't had $30 on it yet right?

Never-the-less I shall be going to Freo Time Zone on Saturday. Alone. Without my sister. Maybe my mum coz Freo is a long walk from Rockingham. Since it's on a weekend there will be no morning madness or crazy arvo. You can join me, if you wish, for some expensive DDR. But it looks like I will be forced to DDR the planes of this Earth alone.


Just went, was great. I loved that beethoven song. the card I had was a powerclub blue. At the end of the day I was 10 cents short of another game of DDR...
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Current Music: "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru

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