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something funny happend on the weekend ...

[didnt find this site till i went wandering ..]

anyways something funny happend to me on the weekend(last weekend)

i had a fight with a DDR machine (leisure Land Carosel) and lost ...

well kinda ...
it was a hard battle .. it threw "Love shine" at me first but i stepped through
that easily. After that it gave me "Cartoon Heros" that was strangly a little
difficult, more then it should've been but i was still able to pass through
with ease. The machine then slowed it tempo down with "White Lovers" probably
to put me off guard for the last song .. "Orion .78 AMeuro-MIX" .. that was the
killer .. after i got off i collapsed ... litteraly...

there was this whole thing and i was taken into hospital and everything. the person i was with commented that i might be the first person to be admitted into hospital due to collapsing after playing DDR ..
doctors said reason for the collapse was not enough fluids and strenuous exercise..

that would be the second time that a ddr machine has gotten the better of me ..

anyways going to get that machine this weekend ..
thats my story ..

- joseph
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