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super mega power card!!!

Ok, yesterday I found an old Time Zone powerclub from when there was a Time Zone in Rockin'am. It's made of plastic so I wanted to use that instead of one of those papery - cardboardy ones that bend and brake so easily. I called Freo timezone and they said I could use it as a powerclubs credits are the only thing that expires.

But I take another look at the card and then I realease that it's actually a powercard not a powerclub. Does that mean that it hasn't had $30 put on it yet? I was gonna put $30 on it anyways but still I like the plasticness. So my question is: This card is one of the ones that you get for free isn't it? It hasn't had $30 on it yet right?

Never-the-less I shall be going to Freo Time Zone on Saturday. Alone. Without my sister. Maybe my mum coz Freo is a long walk from Rockingham. Since it's on a weekend there will be no morning madness or crazy arvo. You can join me, if you wish, for some expensive DDR. But it looks like I will be forced to DDR the planes of this Earth alone.


Just went, was great. I loved that beethoven song. the card I had was a powerclub blue. At the end of the day I was 10 cents short of another game of DDR...
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