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This is a community for anyone interested in DDR [Dance Dance Revolution] in Perth, Australia. Post times you are going to go play, seek dance partners if you're shy about playing on your own, post info about machines, or random crap, whatever you feel like. Ideally it will have something to do with DDR though. ^_^

Below is a list of DDR machines in Perth, as listed on ddrfreak. Well, that and personal knowledge of machines as well.

Leisure Island - Carousel Cannington DDR MAX2
Leisure Island - Galleria Morley DDR MAX2, DDR EXTREME
Orbit Amusements - William St Perth DDR EXTREME
Hoyts Cinemas - Garden City 3rd Mix Korean2
Timezone - Fremantle DDR EXTREME
Timezone - Lake St Northbridge DDR EXTREME, DDR MAX
Timezone - Innaloo Megaplex Cinemas DDR EXTREME
Timezone - Southlands DDR MAX

Daily Special Deals

Timezone has a special deal between 3-5pm weekdays [9-11am every day during School Holidays] where you can buy 12 game credits for $5.00. The credits must be used within 1 hour of them being bought, even if only a few minutes before 5pm. [ie they can be used any time up until 5.50pm if bought at 4.50pm].

Orbit [William St in the city, close to the corner of the Murray St Mall] is now offering us a deal too! It's just about the same value, though not as flexible. 9am - 11am on weekdays, if at least [and ideally, exactly] 4-5 people show up, the DDR machine will be put on "Event Mode" for $5 per person for the two hours.

Occasional Special Deals

Timezone occasionally have "PowerCard" Event days. Check the Timezone website for more details.

Orbit also regularly have weekend "Midnight to Dawn" lock-ins: ask @ Orbit for details on these!